Transformational Investment Partner

IKI applies a unique approach to enter the market and growing the business. Unlike conventional startups that enter the market as newcomers, aiming to create or shape new markets—a challenging endeavor—IKI
strategically acquires established players, elevating them to new heights by gaining market share in established markets.

Bussiness Model

How IKI business model works?

1. Experienced Founders:

Seasoned founders with diverse
expertise—hospital product distribution and pharma
business development—provide unparalleled industry

2. Thorough Due Diligence:

Meticulous identification of
acquisitions through established relationships and engaging
credible third parties ensures comprehensive due diligence.

3. Incremental Innovations:

Focused on continuous
incremental innovations for swift returns, emphasizing
gradual improvements for overall venture stability.

4. New Product Excellence:

IKI Transforms acquired companies into efficient new product machines, swiftly launching diverse products with founders’ expertise in pipeline identification.

5. Clear Exit Pathways:

IKI excels in exit strategies,
integrating potential exits into due diligence criteria,
actively monitoring industry dynamics for updated

Analysing The Problem in The IndustryMeasuring The Sources of The Problem and The Greater Level of The Pain

The Strategic Innovations : Building the Painkillers through championing technological based sales marketing and distribution

About IKI Investment

The name IKI comes from abbreviation of the legal entity name in the country of origin (Indonesia). It stands for (PT) Inovasi Kesehatan Investama, which can be translated as “Investment in Health (related) Innovations”. Iki as a word has some meanings in Japanese language, such as breath, (being) alive, spirit, and heart. It could also mean striving for uniqueness, the desire to experience, intertwined with fascination and balance, avoiding exaggeration, and the love for beauty and elegance.

The founders are not the first-time founders. They bring a wealth of expertise to the table, encompassing the owner of a hospital product distributor and ex-pharma business development and consulting expert specializing in life science and healthcare. This collective experience equips them with unparalleled industry insight. 

Portfolio / On-going Projects

A company that produce hospital solutions products (top three in Indonesia market)

Project Elixir

A company that produce hospital solutions products (top three in Indonesia market)

  • Smart packaging materials that reduce COGS by 21%
  • “Vending machine” system to tap underserved segments that generate 20% growth YoY
  • Top line growth (CAGR 2024-2034):
  • Gross margin %::

A company that produce more affordable orthopedic medical devices

Project Bonavista

Preferred buyer due to IKI’s founder business relationship (distributor x principal relationship)

  • The only barrier to growth is money (to
  • Top line growth (CAGR 2024-2034):
  • Gross margin %::

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